Snooze Sleepover Company was born in January 2019 after owner, Jacquelyn Snow began planning her daughters next over the top birthday celebration. Jazmyn was turning 10 and begged her mom to have her very first sleepover. Her mom agreed and they both knew instantly it would be a night to remember! After countless hours of Pinterest inspiration, Youtube tutorials and online research, Jacquelyn realized that the individual tents she had seen in the UK made perfect sense to host all the girls overnight. Jacquelyn immediately began searching for some type of sleepover company in her area but it just didn't exist so she thought she'd just have to do it herself. She immediately enlisted her newly retired USAF husband, Arnette to hand craft the custom A-Frame Tents. The rest is history. The slumber party was such a huge success, the girls had the time of their lives and parents raved about the unique setup. The clever concept quickly blossomed into a booming business venture that has grown and flourished extremely fast in just a short year. Jacquelyn uses all of her crafting skills to hand make all of the custom party favors for Snooze parties. Whether it’s personalized T-shirt’s or tumblers, sleep masks or custom chip bags, she does it all to bring the parties to the next level.


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